Latest Kitchen Design Trends For Your London Property

What’s Big In 2018? Latest Kitchen Design Trends For Your London Property

“No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best” Author: unknown

No matter how large or small, the kitchen is considered the heart of any home. Often the biggest investment when refurbishing a property, the design of your kitchen needs a lot of thought and careful planning. The result should not only be beautiful and inviting, but also practical.

Whether you want a user-friendly design that will attract high quality tenants, or you want to create a warm central hub for your own home, take some inspiration from the latest kitchen design trends predicted to be big in 2018.

Smart Kitchens

Even technophobes will enjoy the convenience and benefits of smart kitchen technology. The concept is to make life easier while ultimately saving you time and money.

Latest kitchen designs take advantage of WiFi connectivity and automation with sensors and smart appliances that can be controlled remotely such as smart fridges, pre-set ovens and automated, sensor controlled lighting.

Technology such as WiFi connected induction hobs have a sleek, stylish design, for a cleaner, uncluttered look, combining elegance with function.

User-friendly innovation

2018 will see the growing popularity of space-saving, user-friendly appliances and cabinetry. From under the prep counter ‘point of use’ refrigeration to microwave draws and waist-height side opening oven doors.


Kitchen storage designs such as deep pocket drawers and pull-out pantries and shelving will continue to evolve to maximise space and ease of use, even in the smallest of kitchens. Another continuing trend in smaller kitchens is open shelving instead of upper wall closed cabinetry. Not only does open shelving create an illusion of space and light to make your kitchen appear larger, but it also frees up your countertops for a more efficient and functional use of kitchen space.


Although white kitchens will always be popular, there’s a growing tendency to break up the monotony with coloured wall cabinetry and central islands. Darker colours, such as grey, black, navy and greens add contrast and another dimension to an otherwise homogenous kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

Over the last few years, quartz has overtaken granite in countertop popularity. Easier to maintain, with anti-microbial properties, it’s now available in a variety of colours and realistic stone finishes. Composite sinks made from the same material as the counter top for a more streamlined look are also gaining in popularity.

Multi-functional Islands

Centrally positioned, multi-functional kitchen islands fitted with power points, ovens and refrigeration units are set to be the ‘must have’ feature for 2018. They’re particularly popular in open planned living designs where the kitchen flows into the living area. They are even replacing the traditional dining table in some smaller homes, as busy professionals prefer an easier, more casual dining hub.

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